A Guide For Adding Cartoon Characters To The Faces Of Your Apple Watches


The Apple Watch is one of the best smartwatch brands on the market because it comes with all the standard features and additional unique features. One of the additional features of Apple Watches is the apple watchcartoon. The cartoon feature is where the watch allows you to add cartoon characters to the clock’s face. This post guides you on putting these characters on the clock’s face.

Putting cartoon characters on your apple watches

Currently, Apple Watch owners can only add Mickey Mouse and Toy Story characters to their watch. This is because the Apple brand has officially licensed these characters. Therefore, you may not find other images on the watch. Note that the company cannot distribute images to which they do not have rights. However, this does not mean that your choices are limited to Mickey Mouse and Toy Story. You can add other cartoon characters using the following steps;

1. You will need a browser

The first thing you must do to get other cartoon characters for Apple Watches is a browser. The Safari browser is the most common option. However, it is not the only one. You can use any browser of your choice. Once you have determined the browser you wish to use, you must launch it on your iPhone screen.

2. Use the search engine to find your preferred image

After launching the browser, the next step is to use your preferred search engine, like Google, to search for the cartoon images you wish to use. This is the best part of the process since there are no limitations other than your mind and creativity. You can even get a collage of all your favorite characters or images.

3. Share or Save the image

Once you have chosen the perfect image, you can touch and hold it. This will trigger some options to pop up. One of these is the share option. Click on it and choose the option “create watch face.” You can customize the image as you wish. For instance, you can add more cartoons apart from your first option. If you do not wish to use the image immediately, click on the “ button after selecting share. This way, you can use the cartoon later.

4. Add and complete

After customizing the image and setting the complications and position of the time, you can complete the process by tapping on the “Add” button. With that, you are done. You can also choose an image from your saved images and add it to your watch’s face.

Why do you need cartoon characters on your Apple Watches

  • They provide a unique aesthetic appeal
  • You can play around with different options and get creative when choosing the cartoon image
  • They help you customize your smartwatch


When you hear of an Apple watch cartoon, you immediately think of Apple watches for kids. However, this feature is not explicitly designed for kids. Anyone, including adults, can enjoy this feature. Remember that this feature is only available to this brand of smartwatches.


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