Disinfection Series From World Class Disinfection Robot Company


When it comes to disinfection products or disinfection series, you cannot rely on a single product. Several things exist which need your consideration while choosing the best fit. The key things include accuracy, kill rate, efficiency, configuration settings, cost, etc. There is one disinfection robot company that caters to your needs in this regard which refers to the Reeman disinfection series.

This company offers a fully automatic solution for several vicinities. The common application vicinities include hotels, airports, hospitals, restaurants, schools, subway stations, etc. These areas receive a lot of human traffic almost daily. In such areas, there are a lot of chances for disease transmittance through microorganisms or germs.

You will get insights into the features that a disinfection robot company offers in different products. Get familiar with more information in this short article.

Disinfection Robot Company Product Features

Each product from the Reeman disinfection robot company is remarkable. Know what features you can get from these disinfection robots in this short guide:

Compact Size

Each robot from the disinfection robot company features a compact size. It will not take up or consume a lot of space. As the main application of this robot is in high-traffic areas, no one will be disturbed by its operation. You can easily store it anywhere you want. Often the size limits or affects the purchase decision, but this is not the case when you choose Reeman disinfection robots.

Adjustable Navigation Speed

You don’t need to hire a separate person or employee to operate the robot from one place to another. It moves automatically by following the feed path. You can adjust its navigation speed. The speed range exists from 0.1 meters per second to 1 meter per second. If there is low traffic in the area, go for a higher speed, say above 0.5 meters per second. Or, if the traffic is high, go for a speed of fewer than 0.5 meters per second.

Dual Language Support

Often the language puts a barrier to getting the most out of your device. But when it comes to disinfection robots, this feature will not stop you. This robot supports dual languages, including English as well as Chinese. Chinese and English-speaking persons are almost more than half of the world’s population. You can operate it any way you like. This way, you can truly understand each device’s function and operate it efficiently.

Long Lasting Battery

The battery plays a key role in the effective operation of the disinfection robot. This robot houses a lithium-ion battery. It is the most powerful battery in the market among other battery types. This battery keeps your disinfection robot operational for longer. You can continuously operate it on a single charge for almost 5 to 6 hours.

Besides this, you also don’t need to worry about frequent charging. Its auto charge option makes it return to the charging station whenever needed. This feature is especially advantageous during off-working hours. You can keep your place disinfected, whether on or off duty.


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