Grow Your Small Business For Global Leads- Here’s How


In business, “leads” usually mean contacts that are already determined to be a prospective customer or client. Global leads, therefore, are international business opportunities in form of prospective customers who are looking to avail your product or service. The global business opportunities are a great way to tap into markets that are usually untouched by your competitors if you are in small business as small businesses usually have local target markets. Moreover, if your product is unique to your local area, global leads serve as a catalyst into ever expanding sales for your unique product or service.

In this article, let us explore some such tips and tricks to attain global leads for your small business. It’ll also elaborate on why it is important to build and grow your small business from a niche market to a global player.

Why Is Growing Your Small Business So Important?

Small businesses and start-ups are the strongest indicators as well as influencers of health of any economy. As reported, these businesses employ about 90 percent of all the workforce and create 60 to 80 percent of all new employment opportunities each year. Let us discuss why it is imperative to grow your small business.

  • Small businesses are the driving force behind economic growth of a city as well as a country by making the market more competitive, creating job opportunities and strengthening the purchasing power of the local population.
  • Small businesses create a flexible work-culture and let the employees seek opportunities where faster growth is possible.
  • As to the internal benefits, as you grow your small business, the costs go down because of economies of scale and your profits rocket.
  • As you grow, the threat of competition taking over your market substantially reduces. More so in case of growth in global market as it is nearly impossible for your competition to infiltrate your clientele.
  • Growth also attracts the better talent; the fastest growing businesses hire the most dynamic and talented people which in turn further boosts their growth. It is like a positive feedback loop.
  • And most importantly, growth lets you survive the market fluctuations and temporary downturns. A small business if most likely to shut down in even temporary crisis.
  • As your business grows, you can also mitigate the risks of the market by diversifying into other business and also dominate your original market.

How To Grow My Small Business Online?

Use Noxinfluencer

NoxInfluencer is an all-inclusive marketing software or a tool for Influencers and helps them in Discovery, Outreach, Relationship Management, Campaign Running, Social Media Analytics, etc. Noxinfluencer allows influencers to grow globally and helps them earn more sponsorship and monetization opportunities by exposing them to global markets and audience.

It offers the following tools for the influencers to use and grow through:

  • YouTuber Calculator that helps you estimate the value of a YouTube channel in minutes.
  • YouTube Video Analytics is a tool that helps you analyze a video and optimize its characterizes to better serve the YouTube SEO.
  • YouTube Compare is another tool that lets you compare different channels in 5-dimentions, i.e., in 5 elaborate perspectives.
  • YouTube live sub-count is a tool that keeps a live tab on your subscriber count and keeps you updates on it.
  • And lastly, Influencer marketing Calculator helps you estimate the promotion results before cooperation.

Why Noxinfluencer?

  • Noxinfluencer boasts more than 20 million global influencers.
  • It is world-leading influencer marketing platform, and its mission is Marketing with Global Influencers to let them unlock global business growth.
  • It offers its users more content monetization opportunities than available in their local circle. It also offers global influencers more content monetization opportunities.
  • Because Noxinfluencer serves both brands as well as influencers, it becomes a brilliant culmination point for each to meet the other and create more and more opportunities for growth.


Global growth of your small business is the only way to sustain in the future markets. Tapping into unexplored potential of global markets is also very important for YouTube Influencers. NoxInfluencer is a statistics software tool that lets you to track YouTube statistics and measure channel growth on YouTube. It also helps you in Influencer marketing and creates new monetization opportunities for your brand.


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