Which Kind Of Lock For A Roll Up Door Is The Most Secure?


Roll-up doors are made of steel and roll up into a coil just above the entrance in which they are installed. Because they prevent unwanted access and protect against the effects of the elements, many types of enterprises cannot function without them. Small, horizontal slats that interlock make roll up door locks.

When the door is opened, the slats move down a track and wind themselves around and immediately above the drum. They have a high degree of flexibility, which comes from the thinness of the slats, which allows them to be rolled up into a coil. Compared to conventional overhead doors, the slats on rolling doors made of steel or aluminum are quite a bit smaller.

Various Roll Up Door Locks Types for Commercial Applications

Roll up doors may serve several purposes and provide varying levels of performance, and we offer a large selection of these doors, which include:

Security Doors

Suppose you are searching for an overhead roll up door that is easy to use and provides top performance. In that case, you should consider investing in one of our high-performance security roll-up door locks. These doors have meagre overall expenses throughout their lifetimes. Take a look at some of our secure roll up doors that are listed below:

1. Rolling Security

Investing in one of Cookson’s rolling security doors is the best course of action to take if you need a roll up door that is both high-security and delivers an exceptional level of protection. These doors protect your facility from inclement weather, break-ins, unauthorized entrance, and vandalism that causes damage, and they also keep out unwelcome guests.

This exceptional door, constructed to order, is built to resist regular usage and comes with a warranty covering as many as 50,000 opening and closing cycles. This is more than twice as many as the number of cycles that many rival brands provide. There are choices for motor operation, push-up action, and hand-crank operation for these roll-up door locks, which are designed to free up as much room as possible in the above area. Side guides provide complete support for the doors.

2. High-Performance

You will be opening and shutting your commercial door often if your company has a high-traffic entry, which is why you will want a door that can open and close rapidly. If your company has a low-traffic entrance, you won’t be opening and closing it as much. The Extreme® 300 Series High-Performance Door is the perfect option for a circumstance such as this one.

3. Extreme Long-Lasting

High performance, intelligent operation, and an exceptionally extended lifetime are all offered by our Extreme 1024 High-Performance Door. Because it has been tested to open and shut more than one million times without requiring any maintenance, the 1024 Series roll-up door locks can give you the peace of mind that they will serve you well for many years.

4. Safe Room

In the case of a natural catastrophe, the multi-award-winning StormDefender shutters we manufacture can convert any space into an exceptionally secure storm shelter. The StormDefender shutters have been tried and shown to survive harsh weather phenomena. They comply with the requirements established by the International Code Council (ICC) that regulate the design of storm shelters. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has established criteria for safe rooms, and these shutters are up to par with those specifications. These sturdy shutters are ideal for any establishment that wants dependable protection from the most severe calamities that Mother Nature may wreak. If you have any questions about how these shutters can work for you, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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