Why Wood Crusher Machine Is So Important?


The wood industry has seen a boom in the last few years. Due to woodwork a lot of crushed wood is produced. These crushed woods are usually packaged and thrown away. But recently, due to environmentally conscious people, these crushed woods are now being reused and recycled in different ways using wood crusher machine. In this article, some of those uses are mentioned below.

Crushed Wood Uses You Never Knew

Here are some uses of crushed wood that aren’t common knowledge.

1. Can Be Used For Burning (Biomass Fuel)

These are a cheap source of fuel too. By burning them, one can easily produce a lot of heat energy.

2. Can Be Scattered In Rock Gardens

These crushed woods come in different sizes making them perfectly versatile. Because of that, they are used in creative ways as well. One of the more creative ways of using pellets is for decoration. Not only in arts and crafts but also in landscaping. One of the more popular landscapes that people opt for nowadays is rock gardens. To give the rocks the proper prominence and beautification required, crushed woods are scattered on them.

3. It Can Become Humus If Buried In The Ground

crushed woods are made of biomass. Hence, these pellets are biodegradable by nature. Once spread over a long patch of land and buried underground, these pellets get degraded due to different bacteria present in the soil. These bacteria break down the pellets and turn them into humus. Humus is a mixture of several different nutrients that are essential for plants to grow. Any soil rich in humus will have the capability to grow several different plants on it.

4. Crushed Wood Means Wood Recycling

These pellets are produced by processing biomass. Popular choices of biomass are d=wood chips, wood barks, nutshells, straw, etc to name a few. By putting them through bioprocessing, essentially the wood is getting recycled which is great in the long run for the environment.

5. It’s A Cheap Source Of Energy

Pellets are a cheap source of energy. These pellets are used usually in different types of furnaces, boilers, and steamers. They work perfectly to produce a lot of steam and heat in a short time. As these pellets are usually mass-produced, it is economic in the long run in comparison to buying logs or other sources of heat.

6. Crushed Wood Is Also Used In Art & Craft

Crushed wood is a cheap material to buy in bulk. Being versatile due to different sizes being available in the market, these pellets are often used in arts and crafts. From giving different textures to providing better structure, these pellets help in crafts and art a lot.

7. Crushed Wood Is Used Un Interior Designing

The crushed woods give a certain texture to the walls of a room. Hence giving it a rather rugged aesthetic. Being cheaper, crushed woods are used abundantly in the interior designing world to create a beautiful aura in the room. The texture of these walls looks stunning after a layer or two of paint.

8. Crushed Wood Can Also Facilitate Nitrogen Fixation In Farms

Nitrogen is a crucial element that s required by plants. Nitrogen plays a huge role in maintaining the health and growth of any plant. Crushed wood has an acetylene reduction rate. Using this reduction rate, one can determine how much moisture is present in the said decaying log. These decaying logs also produce nitrogen that helps in the nitrogen fixation of the soil.


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