How To Pressure Wash Concrete Pathways


While pressure washing seems like a simple cleaning method that almost everyone can do, there is a need to know how to operate it to achieve the best results possible. And this is the knowledge that everyone who desires to clean their house efficiently or dirty surfaces with little or no stress at all at a breakneck speed must desire.

There are different types of surfaces you can pressure wash, including furniture, vehicles, gutters, and lots more. In this article, we will be focusing on one of these significant surfaces we occasionally pressure wash, the concrete. We will discuss the procedures involved to pressure wash concrete successfully.

Procedures to wash concrete pathways

  • Cover Exterior Walls And Doors Before Cleaning: To protect your house doors and walls from loose dirt or stain that may splash on them while pressure washing, it is vital that you protect your external walls and doors. You can use any nylon or sheeting you choose as long as the water is impervious to it.
  • Clean off excess dirt and dust with the aid of a broom.
  • Application Of Degrease:With you entirely wearing protective clothing (trousers and long shirts at least). The next thing is to add a degreaser to the machine and spray on the concrete, and it is left for like 7 mins so the degreaser can act on the concrete before scrubbing it in with the use of a brush. This helps loosen tough dirt on concrete, making them ready to be blasted away.
  • Attach Hose And Spray Tips:The next thing to do now is attach spray wands and tips. You can then attach the heavyweight hose (about 50 feet long), connect the supply end to where the pressure washer gets water, and switch on the water supply.
  • Apply The Detergent:With the aid of the attached spray gun, you could spray the detergent on the concrete to maintain a distance between the range of 8-15 inches while spraying. You should overlap every stroke made while cleaning. Afterward, you are to allow the detergent to act in the concrete for 6 mins.
  • Pressure Wash The Concrete:This is the final step, and the first thing you have to do here is to replace the tip from soap with the “25degree tip,” which enables the pressure washer to blast off stains and dirt. It is vital to start pressure washing from the end to the other end of the concrete cleaning. In an event where the stains are too tough to remove, you can reduce the distance between the spray gun and the concrete surface to a range of 3-4inches.


Every skill requires training and attention to achieve the best results during practice, and pressure washing isn’t excluded. As simple as this skill might seem, we must learn how to use this machine on any occasion to wash furniture, vehicles, walls, etc.

In this article, we discussed how to clean concrete like a professional with a pressure washer.

NB: The listed procedures are applicable for gas engine washers and electric washers.


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