4 Things You Can Do With Your USB-C to Lightning Cable


The internet today is awash with branded USB-C to lightning cables that come with different specifications, from sizes, materials, performance, and even colors, all meant to suit the buyer’s needs. Gone are the days you had to settle for the Apple’s lightning cable that came shipped in the box. The new USB-C to lightning cables from Ugreen that you can buy here┬áhave become the most popular accessory for Apple users. Their popularity has increased due to the many features the cable brings over the conventional USB to lightning cable.

What can you do with your USB-C to lightning cable?

The Ugreen USB-C to lightning cable can handle tasks more efficiently with improved functionality over most cables you will come across online. Besides their high-quality build and variety, there are many tasks you can achieve using this cable. Here are the four things you can do with your USB-C to lightning cable.

Charge devices faster

The most significant reason people go for USB-C to lightning cables over conventional cables is fast charging. The regular cable charge works quite slowly as they can only allow 1A charging. However, the USB-C to lightning cable can go up to 100 watts, meaning they can charge your device almost half the time your conventional cable would.

Transfer data faster

Besides charging devices quickly, the USB-C to lightning cable can data transfer speeds of up to 5gbps. The standard USB to lightning cable can advance up to 480Mbps, significantly low compared to the type-C versions. With USB Type C to lightning cables, you can quickly transfer data to and from your devices. In addition to the quick transfer speed, the cables allow you to transfer bulk data, provided your machine has powerful features.

Charge a variety of devices

Another helpful feature of the USB-C lightning cable is its ability to charge different devices. While most devices come with a lightning port, some come with a USB-C port. Without cables such as the 2-in-1 USB-C to lightning cable, you’d have to carry different lines. This cable can also charge various devices such as remotes, your magic mouse magic keyboard, smartwatches, and trackpad.

Create a hotspot

You can create a personal hotspot with the USB-C to lightning cable by linking your phone to your computer. This allows access to the internet using your phone as a modem. More so, you can easily sync your device to your computer for a quick connection. A hotspot connection comes in handy when you don’t have access to a wireless connection. You will be happy to proceed with your work remotely without any worries.


The creation of the USB-C lightning cable has no doubt proven successful in many fields, such as data transfer or charging speeds. You don’t have to wait for your current USB to lightning cable to wear out to get a new one. These improved features are ready for use in your new USB-C to lightning cable. To buy one, browse Ugreen website today and look at the different cables we have.


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