21st Century Radio For The Mar Menor Region, Radio del siglo XXI para la regin del Mar Menor

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Our Mission

Radio Nova International is 21st Century Radio For The Mar Menor Region. Long Sweeps of International Hits! We are changing the way radio is broadcast, on Smartphones, Tablets and in FM Stereo too. Radio Nova International Playing The Mar Menor's Best Music.

Our Programmes

The Biggest songs ever here 24 hours a day on Radio Nova International. Forget bad quality sound on Youtube, quality in audio and marketing and engineering are the benchmarks of 21st century broadcasting, and Radio Nova International is leading the way Worldwide.

Smart Stereo® is a broadcasting system developed by the engineering department of Radio Nova International, resulting in clear, high quality audio on Smartphones, Tablets and Computers.

Broadcasting from our custom built studios here in Europe. We stream through a number of reliable servers based in Europe and the United States, offering sound design for your listening device in Smart Stereo®

By contacting us below, this helps the Programming, Marketing, Engineering and Sales Department, improve our broadcasting service to you. We are also the 21st century way to promote your business or service.

CEO Steve Marshall, has over 35 years solid International experience in Broadcasting, Sales and Management, in Europe, Ireland, Spain and the Middle East, and has worked for the BBC.

Radio Nova International is proud to be pioneers in broadcasting, we are 21st Century Radio, and it's fun too! This website and the information contained within it, is copyright © Radio Nova International, Europe. Rights protected Worldwide. Copyright 2013-2050. And may not be used without the written permission of Radio Nova International.

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